During Providence‘s “Islam, the Middle East, and Christian Engagement  with the Middle East” event in Middleburg, Virginia, Robert Nicholson of the Philos Project spoke about his organization’s work in the region and about his article in the inaugural issue of Providence, which argued for autonomous safe havens where ethnic communities, including Assyrians, could provide their own security.

Nicholson’s talk lays out his vision for the Middle East while addressing concerns some may have.

Also at the event:

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Robert Nicholson is a co-publisher for Providence and the executive director of The Philos Project, a nonprofit organization that seeks to promote positive Christian engagement in the Middle East. He holds a BA in Hebrew Studies from Binghamton University, and a JD and MA (Middle Eastern History) from Syracuse University. A formerly enlisted Marine and a 2012- 2013 Tikvah Fellow, Robert lives in New York City with his wife and two children.

Photo Credit: Pixabay