Here’s my interview with George Mason University political scientist Colin Dueck about the “new traditionalists” who are reshaping American conservatism, and whom Dueck has described for American Enterprise Institute.

Dueck reflects on the influence of and differences among First Things editor Rusty Reno, Israeli thinker Yoram Hazony, popular blogger Rod Dreher, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, and Patrick Deneen of Notre Dame University.

They are skeptical of an earlier more internationalist and free market friendly conservatism. They prefer religious traditionalism and forms of nationalism. Some incline towards populism. Others prefer Burkean conservatism. They mostly dislike liberalism, even if classical. Some are cultural pessimists, while others are fighting to reshape society.

Mostly these new traditionalists are Catholic. None are Protestant, which maybe isn’t surprising, since arguably classical liberalism and modern capitalism are Protestant projects. Or maybe Protestantism is too intellectually exhausted to produce serious political thinkers!?!

I ask Dueck this question and others. Enjoy our conversation!