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Blair, Starmer and the Revival of British Centrism

Despite frequent comparisons, Keir Starmer lacks the philosophical depth and thoughtfulness of Tony Blair

A Match Made in… Pyongyang? 

Putin’s visit to North Korea marks a significant escalation of Cold War 2.0

Machiavelli, Col. Jessup and the Leaders We Need

Col. Jessup and Machiavelli agree: sometimes, you need to stop moralizing and do what needs to be done for the sake of national self-preservation

Never Pay the Ransom

Lessons from the British Poet Rudyard Kipling warn of appeasement to aggressors, drawing on the lessons of history

The Free World Needs More than More of the Same

Whether it’s Biden or Trump in the White House come 2025, the American-led international order deserves better

The New Progressive Imperialism in Africa

The US government is seeking to impose progressive values on African nations despite those peoples having no interest in Western-style progressivism

Military Recruitment Shortfalls Are Ultimately a Spiritual Problem

As military enlistments fall in the United States, policymakers ponder solutions to the recruitment and morality crisis.

Recommitting Ourselves to the Freedom of Captive Nations

In 1959, Congress designated the third week of July as Captive Nations Week for those suffering under Communism and authoritarianism around the world

The Strategic Imprudence of Shunning Israeli Defense Companies

Ignoring Israeli defense companies will come at a cost for France and European Countries, particularly during their fight against Russia.