Wilson’s Fourteen Points One Hundred Years Hence
Wilson’s Fourteen Points One Hundred Years Hence

On January 8, 1918 – a century ago today – President Woodrow Wilson mounted the rostrum of the U.S. House of Representatives, America’s inner sanctum of democracy, to deliver one of the most consequential speeches in history.

NATO’s Russian Ballet Latvia
NATO’s Russian Ballet

How leaders in Riga and other front line NATO capitals conduct the delicate dance between asserting their national identities and managing relations with their Russian minorities could mean the difference between war and peace.

Paradigm Lost: Book Review of Richard Haass’ A World in Disarray
Paradigm Lost: Review of Haass’ A World in Disarray

With his novel concept of sovereign obligation in A World in Disarray, Richard Haass makes an important advance in the search for peace in a disoriented world. But its advances fall short, unable to grasp the essential moral quality of world order.

The Libya Intervention: A Just War Unjustly Disowned
The Libya Intervention: A Just War Unjustly Disowned

It is said that victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan. In the case of NATO’s military intervention in Libya six years ago, both sides of the adage seem to apply.

First to Fight for Right Lewis Chesty Puller First Marine Division Just War
First to Fight for Right: “Chesty” Puller & America’s Defenders Today

The First Marine Division’s paragon of virtue, Chesty Puller, upheld the standards of just warfighting and respect, if not love, of the enemy. We pray his progeny leading the defense of our nation today will do the same.

O Captain My Captain Rex Tillerson Secretary of State
O Captain, My Captain

In a bipartisan vote, the Senate yesterday confirmed a captain of industry to steer our nation’s ship of state, Rex Tillerson, former Chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil. The decision was a wise one.

Senator Ball
Wherefore Art Thou, Senator Ball?

Senator Joseph H. Ball, a Republican from Minnesota appointed unexpectedly to office in 1940, supported the Lend-Lease Act to aid Britain in its defense against Nazi Germany and debated against Charles Lindbergh and his America First populism.

Geo-Gamechanger Derek Chollet Book Review Long Game
The Geo-Gamechanger?

Derek Chollet’s The Long Game defends Obama’s foreign policy and the president’s attempts to project global leadership in an era of infinite demands and finite resources.

Moral Multilateralism: Obama Doctrine Christian Realism
Moral Multilateralism: The Obama Doctrine’s Christian Realism

The search for what is the Obama Doctrine is over—and has been since he gave a speech to the graduating cadets at West Point, when he explained the conditions under which Americans would take up arms.