Eric Patterson

Eric Patterson, Ph.D., is executive vice president of the Religious Freedom Institute in Washington, DC, and past dean of the School of Government at Regent University. His expertise, informed by time at the US Department of State and in the military, is on the intersection of war, conflict, and the ethics of security. He is the author or editor of 15 books, including Just American Wars, Politics in a Religious World, and Ending Wars Well.


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Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ep. 64 | The Patriotism of C.S. Lewis
Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ep. 65 | The Patriotism of C.S. Lewis

For the July 4th weekend, Eric Patterson and Mark Melton discuss what C.S. Lewis teaches Christians about patriotism and “love of home,” particularly in The Four Loves.

ProvCast Ep. 32: American Justness in War—from Independence, WWII, Vietnam, and Beyond

In this episode of the Foreign Policy ProvCast, Eric Patterson speaks about his book Just American Wars: Ethical Dilemmas in US Military History.