Jason Thacker

Jason Thacker serves as chair of research in technology ethics at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He is the author of The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity with Zondervan. His work has been featured at Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, Slate, and Politico. He is a graduate of The University of Tennessee and Southern Seminary, where he is currently pursuing a PhD in Ethics and Public Theology. He serves as a founding member of AI and Faith, as well as a fellow at the ERLC Research Institute. You can follow him on Twitter at @jasonthacker.

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Cybersecurity is a Moral Necessity

It may be easy to see issues of cybersecurity as mere issues of intellectual property or economic viability, but cybersecurity is fundamentally about protecting the rights and dignity of every human being.

You Can Map Our Faces, but You Can’t Steal Our Souls - Artificial Intelligence - Facial Recognition - Surveillance
You Can Map Our Faces, but You Can’t Steal Our Souls

Left unchecked and unchallenged, China will continue to abuse emerging technologies such as AI and facial recognition to oppress people created in the image of God.

How Is Technology Changing Democracy?

For all of the hand-wringing about the power technology holds over our society, it is indisputable that immense good has flown from such innovations.

ProvCast Ep. 29: The Real Ethics Behind Artificial Intelligence

Jason Thacker of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission discusses the recent Evangelical Statement on AI with Managing Editor Drew Griffin