Jennifer A. Patterson

Jennifer Patterson is director of the Institute of Theology and Public Life at Reformed Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. She is a doctoral candidate in moral theology and ethics at The Catholic University of America. 

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Social Dimensions and Religious Freedom in International Affairs
Social Dimensions and Religious Freedom in International Affairs

At the Christianity and National Security Conference in Washington, DC, Jennifer Patterson talked about the social dimensions of religious freedom and public diplomacy.

True North, Ep .6 | Conversation Van Drunen Politics after Christendom
True North, Ep. 6 | A Conversation on VanDrunen’s Politics after Christendom

In this episode of True North, Daniel Strand speaks with Jennifer Patterson and Brian K. Miller about Van Drunen’s Politics…

Jennifer Marshall Discusses Social Policy & International Relations

In this short video, Jennifer Marshall briefly discusses how US national interest and strength in the international system relates to…

Jennifer Marshall Lecture: “Life, Family, & Religious Liberty”

The following lecture was recorded during Providence’s 2017 Christianity and National Security Conference. Jennifer Marshall discusses the relationship between US…

women direct ground combat
Deploying Women to Direct Ground Combat

Sending women into direct ground combat is tearing down a load-bearing wall. This particular wall is vital to the military mission, to realism about sex differences, and to protecting life.

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