Jessica Meyers

Jessica Meyers is an intern for Providence. She studied Political Science and English at Westmont College.

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Seek the City’s Peace and Prosperity

Under the next administration, Christians ought to seek the peace and prosperity of our nation by praying for its blessing as well as providing criticism.

Long-Lasting Commitment to Afghanistan Can Forge Sustainable Peace

A recent Brookings event discussed how the next president ought to forge an enduring U.S. policy commitment to Afghanistan.

The Defense Budget: Can Stability Be Reached?

A recent Brookings event discussed negative effects of the Budget Control Act; the next administration will have to re-prioritize the defense budget.

Third Offset
Losing Our Military Edge: The Need for the Third Offset Strategy

Technological advancements of American adversaries reveals an “eroding” U.S. military edge and highlights the need for the third offset strategy.

Helping Refugees Survive Homeland
Helping Refugees Survive in Their Homeland

Scripture can help Christians find consensus on U.S. policy that best helps refugees and persecuted minorities in the Middle East.

Iran's Deadly Ambition
An Ideology for Global Power

Berman’s Iran’s Deadly Ambition reveals that the Iranian threat has never emanated from Iran’s nuclear program, but rather from the Iranian regime itself.