Joshua Walker

Joshua W. Walker

Dr. Joshua W. Walker is the President and CEO of the Japan Society in New York City and previously served from 2017 to 2019 as the Global Head of Strategic Initiatives and Japan in the Office of the President at Eurasia Group, the world’s leading political risk consultancy.

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Ep. 53 | Caught in the Middle: Japan's Geopolitical Role
Ep. 53 | Caught in the Crossfire: Japan’s Geopolitical Role

In this episode of the Foreign Policy ProvCast, Joshua Walker speaks with Mark Melton about Japan’s geopolitical role, especially as…

ProvCast Ep. 13: America’s Role on the Global Stage

Joshua Walker of the Eurasia Group sits down with Providence’s managing editor Drew Griffin to discuss Japan, China and North Korea, as well as the precarious state of US relations with Turkey.