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Kennedy Lee is chief of staff for an international bestselling author and columnist. She previously worked at Hudson Institute as research associate and program manager with the Keystone Defense Initiative and Center on Europe and Eurasia. Kennedy is consulting editor of the Tikvah Fund’s Solomon Journal and has taught numerous classes for Tikvah’s high school fellowships. She also writes on US culture and foreign policy, with a particular focus on Eurasia and transatlantic relations and security. She is also a Contributing Editor with Providence. Her writing has been featured in National ReviewLaw & LibertyProvidence, Real Clear DefenseNew Eastern EuropeDeseret News, and more.


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The Strategic Imprudence of Shunning Israeli Defense Companies

Ignoring Israeli defense companies will come at a cost for France and European Countries, particularly during their fight against Russia.

Russia and its New Alliances are Responsible for Emboldening Extremism Across Eurasia

Russia cannot be cast as an enemy of terrorism when it is so happy to forge ties with Hamas and the Taliban

Evan Gershkovich is the Product of Human Rights Activism. Why Have We Given Up on It Today?

Evan Gershkovich, a WSJ reporter, is being held captive by Russia. Could the example of Soviet Jewry provide the answer to get him out?

Don’t Fall for the Kremlin’s Weaponization of Orthodox Christianity

Early last month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy triggered a firestorm of condemnation from many Very Online social media accounts, some…

Volodymyr Zelensky Points the Way

Volodymyr Zelensky’s wartime leadership personifies a fierce defense of hearth, home and national sovereignty, a strong sense of national identity, a rejection of imperialism, marital and family values, and regard for human life, all while being in sync with the national purpose of the Ukrainian people.

Kazakhstan’s Troubles Are Putin’s Newest Playground
Kazakhstan’s Troubles Are Putin’s Newest Playground

Russia’s play for influence in Central Asia is a wake-up call to the free world.

Durban IV Exhibits Split in European Approach to Israel, Combatting Antisemitism
Durban IV Exhibits Split in European Approach to Israel, Combatting Antisemitism

The choice between attending or abstaining from September’s Durban IV conference in New York City—the twentieth anniversary of the anti-racism conference that quickly became a confluence of antisemitism—is the newest episode in Europe’s increasingly divided policy toward the Jewish state and combatting antisemitism.

A US-led International Conference on Lebanon?
A US-led International Conference on Lebanon?

It’s now up to the Biden administration to decide if it will work with US allies to save the Middle East’s “last bastion of Christianity” or let it fall into the hands of Iran, Turkey, Russia, and China.

The Catholic Church Gains Stature in Belarus: What American Christians Should Know about the Ongoing Protests

Eight weeks after the falsified Belarusian presidential elections, country-wide protests remain steady, and fervent democratic activism has arisen among an unsuspecting source—the Catholic Church. American Christians should follow and take a vocal stance for the Belarusian future.