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Perfidy: A Christian and Muslim Summary

When is lying permissible in war? Mark Coppenger indicates several instances in the Christian just war tradition but insists there is no room for perfidy or treachery.

Edward Snowden: What Shall We Make of “Snowdenism”?
What Shall We Make of “Snowdenism”?

Are Edward Snowden and his fellow travelers laureates or reprobates? There are several factors that should be considered as we generate a verdict.

Ferguson on the Kabul Enhanced Interrogation
Ferguson on the Kabul

Too often, in too many places, disturbing visuals triumph over hard but salubrious truth. This is never a cause to be happy, and the lesson of unintended consequence will always be felt.

Waterboarding and the Platinum Rule

From the Winter, 2016 Print Edition

Eric Fair
Slanderous Emoting

The Sunday New York Times ran a genre piece by Eric Fair (“Owning Up To Torture”) where he employed the familiar technique of slander through emoting.