Mark R. Royce

Mark R. Royce, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Political Science at Northern Virginia Community College. A regular contributor to Providence, he is author of a well-received book on the European Union, is the recipient of numerous effective teaching citations, and is reachable at [email protected].           

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Exalting the Humble and Meek: Book Review of Janet Polasky Revolutions without Borders
Exalting the Humble and Meek

Janet Polasky’s Revolutions without Borders seeks to once more recapture the cosmopolitan, borderless, and dynamic character of revolutionary politics.

“Brexit” Left, “Brexit” Right, and the Ever-muddled Middle: The Politics of British EU Referenda Explained
“Brexit” Left, “Brexit” Right, and the Ever-muddled Middle: The Politics of British EU Referenda Explained

A comparison between the key actors in the respective European referenda of June, 1975 and of June, 2016 reveals that the British Left and the British Right generally oppose European integration, while a muddled middle enables the ancient Protestant monarchy to slide by degrees further and further into Europe.

Panama Papers Protest Iceland
Easy on the “Leaktivism:” A Prudential Response to Micah White on the Panama Papers

After the Panama Papers, Micah White is rightly indignant about how the wealthy have avoided taxes, but he appears oblivious to how offshore accounts have empowered the opposition groups he claims to champion.

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