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Mike Watson is the associate director of Hudson Institute’s Center for the Future of Liberal Society.

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America’s Empire of Nations - Ukraine - Russia
America’s Empire of Nations

Russia’s unwarranted aggression toward Ukraine has not only shattered the peace of Europe and unleashed a torrent of economic and physical destruction, but it has also thrown into stark relief the moral chasm between Russia and its rivals. As Putin dismembers Ukraine, he shows the importance and value of America’s empire of nations.

Americans Have Strength, Need Hope

Despite the gloomy outlook, there are several reasons for hope this Advent season. This is not nearly the darkest period in American or global history, and there are good reasons to believe that the US still possesses all the tools needed to revitalize the country and stabilize the international system. The question is whether we will use them effectively.

The Great Theological Debate of our Age: Science-ishm and Healthiness during the Pandemic
The Great Theological Debate of our Age: Science-ishm and Healthiness during the Pandemic

Worship of a new deity, “Healthiness,” has only a passing resemblance to actual health. This new god is part of a small pantheon that centers around the chief deity, a “Science” that supposedly holds the key to understanding everything in the universe, from morality to medicine.

The NBA and the Long Arm of China

The NBA’s groveling reaction to Daryl Morey’s high crime of tweeting “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong” sent shockwaves…

Ancient Tragedy Returns to Foreign Policy: Book Review of Hal Brands and Charles Edel The Lessons of Tragedy
Ancient Tragedy Returns to Foreign Policy: Review of Brands and Edel’s The Lessons of Tragedy

Did the American people lose their sense of tragedy after the Soviet Union fell, or is something else afoot?

The Gentle Shape of Deceit: Eisenhower's Rhetoric in Randy Fowler More Than a Doctrine - Book Review
The Gentle Shape of Deceit: Eisenhower’s Rhetoric in Fowler’s More Than a Doctrine

In More Than a Doctrine, Randy Fowler argues that, even though President Eisenhower didn’t have a reputation for being a powerful orator, his speeches had a profound effect on the Middle East.