Paul D. Miller

Paul D. Miller is a professor in the practice of international affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, a contributing editor of Providence, a research fellow with the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council.

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Ep. 63: Just War for Ordered Liberty? (Paul D. Miller)
Ep. 63 | Just War for Ordered Liberty?

In this episode, Paul D. Miller talks about his recent book “Just War and Ordered Liberty,” which explains how just war thinking has shifted over the centuries—from Augustinian, Westphalian, and now Liberal traditions.

Ep. 61 | America’s Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Providence executive editor Marc LiVecche spoke with contributing editor and Georgetown professor Paul Miller about President Joe Biden’s plans to withdraw all…

Foreign Policy ProvCast Episode #54 | Don’t Confuse Liberalism And Progressivism (Paul D. Miller)
Ep. 54 | Don’t Confuse Liberalism and Progressivism

A couple of months ago, Providence contributor Paul D. Miller complained on Twitter about people confusing liberalism and progressivism. In…

Ep. 43: Is Civility Dead in America? A Conversation with Paul Miller

Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with Prof. Paul Miller to discuss the lack of civility in American politics, the…

ProvCast Ep. 28: The Future of Liberalism and Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump (Paul Miller)

Professor Paul Miller of Georgetown University sits down with Managing Editor Drew Griffin to discuss America’s Global Role under Trump’s leadership.