Paul D. Miller

Paul D. Miller is a professor in the practice of international affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, a contributing editor of Providence, a research fellow with the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council.

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Trump vs. the United States - US Capitol Riot
Trump vs. the United States

The lines have indeed been drawn, and I welcome you to join me in choosing the side of the Constitution, the rule of law, and the ideals of American democracy.

Foreign Policy ProvCast Episode #54 | Don’t Confuse Liberalism And Progressivism (Paul D. Miller)
Ep. 54 | Don’t Confuse Liberalism and Progressivism

A couple of months ago, Providence contributor Paul D. Miller complained on Twitter about people confusing liberalism and progressivism. In…

Stop Volunteering to Do the Awful Arithmetic for COVID-19
Stop Volunteering to Do the Awful Arithmetic for COVID-19

Faced with the COVID-19 pandemic in which the United States must seemingly make the frightful choice between saving lives and saving the economy, we inexplicably have a legion of volunteer mathematicians lining up to show off how well they can make the terrible calculations to decide who lives and who dies.

The Battle for the History of the Afghan War
The Battle for the History of the Afghan War

Much of Carter Malkesian’s narrative about the Afghan war is spot-on, but he gets several key events wrong.

Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Liberal Order

During Providence’s Christianity and National Security Conference, Paul D. Miller spoke about nationalism, internationalism, and the liberal order. He reviewed…

Nationalist America Creedal Tribal
America: Creedal or Tribal?

Nationalists believe that humanity is divided into mutually distinct, internally coherent groups defined by shared traits like language, religion, or culture, and that these groups should each have their own governments. There is an alternative.

Seeking Justice in the Middle East Grand Strategy
Seeking Justice in the Middle East

Assassinating Iranian Major General Qaseem Soleimani was a justified act. But it took place within the context of a largely unjust and strategically indefensible grand strategy, so it is unlikely to be a net positive in the long run.

Ep. 43: Is Civility Dead in America? A Conversation with Paul Miller

Managing Editor Drew Griffin sits down with Prof. Paul Miller to discuss the lack of civility in American politics, the…

Is Liberal Neutrality Possible?

I am grateful that the post-liberal, nationalist right has grown more explicit about its antipathy to core tenets of classical…

Looking for Common Ground on the Right
Looking for Common Ground on the Right

There are two different conversations going on simultaneously from the right. One is an argument directed outward, toward the progressive left and “globalists.” The other is an argument directed inward, within the right, between nationalists and conservatives.