Paul D. Miller

Paul D. Miller is a professor in the practice of international affairs at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, a contributing editor of Providence, a research fellow with the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, and a senior fellow with the Atlantic Council.

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Augustine of Hippo, Christian Democrat

We would benefit from the unique and particular blend of the Greek and Roman inheritance with the dawn of the Christian age found in the work of Augustine of Hippo.

Augustinian Liberalism: A Symposium
Augustinian Liberalism: A Symposium

Liberalism, at least some version of it, remains the best option for organizing modern society. The real question is which version of liberalism is best. In this symposium, a variety of authors take up the idea of Augustinian liberalism.

Neither Babel nor Beast: Review of Leithart’s Between Babel and Beast
Neither Babel nor Beast: Review of Leithart’s Between Babel and Beast

We need a theological critique of American nationalism and the way it shapes the American foreign policy. Such a work must be theologically grounded but also historically informed and politically aware. Peter Leithart’s book Between Babel and Beast meets the first criterion but fails on the second.

The Rhetoric of Freedom

“The Hong Kong thing is a very tough situation. Very tough,” Donald Trump said on Tuesday. “We’ll see what happens….

Debating “National Conservatism”
Debating “National Conservatism”

I welcome the effort to give nationalism more depth because one of the more maddening features of political debate over the past few years is the difficulty in nailing down what exactly the nationalist side believes. In that spirit, I have some questions for the advocates of National Conservatism.

Against “Conservative Democracy”
Against “Conservative Democracy”

Paul Miller: I don’t want bureaucrats in Washington, DC, to develop a blueprint of the correct form of national culture we’re supposed to identify with. Any effort to do so will inevitably, and justifiably, backfire.

Can we Handle the Truth: What Robert Kagan Gets Right About Liberalism

That Robert Kagan’s recent essay, “The Strongmen Strike Back,” has sparked controversy is an unfortunate commentary on our public understanding…

ProvCast Ep. 28: The Future of Liberalism and Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump (Paul Miller)

Professor Paul Miller of Georgetown University sits down with Managing Editor Drew Griffin to discuss America’s Global Role under Trump’s leadership.

The Price of Cheap Order: Afghanistan, America and Endless War

In fact, this finger-in-the-dam strategy is the best available option given America’s de facto preference to enjoy relative freedom from jihadist violence without the expense of solving the root problems from which jihadism springs. This style of frontier warfare is the price America pays for regional order on the cheap.

Trump Foreign Policy: Almost as Bad as I Feared
Paul Miller on Trump and the Fearful Decline of the International Order

We were mostly right about his hateful rhetoric, fundamental dishonesty, trade wars, admiration for foreign dictators, and wild inconsistency. But we overestimated Trump’s competence and work ethic. His ability to bring material harm to the United States has been limited by how little he works and how little he knows about the presidency.