Rebeccah Heinrichs

Rebeccah Heinrichs

Rebeccah L. Heinrichs, a contributing editor at Providence, is a fellow at Hudson Institute where she provides research and commentary on a variety of international security issues and specializes in deterrence and counter-proliferation. She is also the vice-chairman of the John Hay Initiative’s Counter-proliferation Working Group and the original manager of the House of Representatives Bi-partisan Missile Defense Caucus.

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Xi Jinping: Hater of God

In addition to his many other titles,. Xi Jinping has earned a new one: Hater of God

The Wisdom of Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative

Ronald Reagan expanded upon the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction to strengthen American nuclear deterrence

Deter Conventional Wars to Avoid Nuclear Precipice

In 1983, Just War scholar William O’Brien wrote: “The greatest threats to the free world do not arise from the…

Amnesty International’s Moral Confusion 

Ukraine’s actions have been broadly reflective of the desire to protect innocents and to stop the military aggressor that is killing innocents through indiscriminate strikes.

Biden’s Saudi Visit was a Win for Americans

Threatening the US-Saudi partnership over of Saudi Arabian crimes would risk more American lives, cause greater conflict, and increase injustice and human suffering.

American Withdrawal is America Last

Some America First Republicans are nearly indistinguishable from the standard fare retreaters we were served from the “Blame America First” leftists of the Cold War.

John Kirby’s Statement Reflects the Just War Tradition - Ukraine Russia Putin
John Kirby’s Statement Reflects the Just War Tradition

With a seemingly genuine response, John Kirby reflects well on Americans and illuminates something of the Western way of war, which follows the Just War Tradition.

This Advent: Hope for Americans and the World
This Advent: Hope for Americans and the World

During this season of Advent, the patriotic American citizen can find much for which to be hopeful. For the American Christian, we are reminded of our ultimate reason for hope.

Biden Administration Needs to Face Reality: China Is an Enemy
Biden Administration Needs to Face Reality: China Is an Enemy

While the Trump administration took on China and the Biden administration continued many of those policies, including investments in Pacific allies to deter Chinese abuses, efforts are falling woefully short.

Of Course, We Will Not Draft Our Daughters
Of Course We Will Not Draft Our Daughters

Feminist-minded advocates have sought for decades to include women in a would-be draft in the name of progress and equity. Senate Democrats pushed and compliant Republicans acquiesced to an amendment in the defense bill that would require women to register with the Selective Service.