Richard Allen Hyde

The Rev. Dr. Richard Allen Hyde began his ministry as the associate chaplain of Dartmouth College. Since then he has pastored churches in Vermont, Massachusetts, California, Maine, and now California, where he is the pastor of the Community United Church of San Carlos. He tries to live up to the civic and theological commitments of the founders of New England Congregationalism.

Along the way, he earned an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School and a PhD from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley. He has been a lecturer at Dartmouth College, the School for Advanced International Studies, and the State Department. He also leads tours of the nation’s capital for university Washington programs, alumni clubs and other groups.

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True Christian Nationalism

What are we to make of contemporary Christian nationalists?  How many people have earned the title, or claim it?  How long have these people or the term been around?

China, America, and Thucydides’ Trap

How can China and America avoid the war that befell Athens and Sparta?

A Puritan Named Kennedy

Robert Frost, while campaigning for JFK, referred to him as a “Puritan named Kennedy” from New England.

A New Vital Center?

Patrick Deneen’s new book Regime Change reviewed

On Freedom: From Saint Paul to Luther to Lincoln

What has freedom meant across the ages?

Reaffirming the Four Freedoms - Ukraine Russia Franklin D Roosevelt
Reaffirming the Four Freedoms

President Roosevelt first enunciated the Four Freedoms in an evening session with his speechwriters. He made them the peroration of his message to Congress and wove them into the Atlantic Charter and the United Nations Charter. They have constituted the basis of American foreign policy ever since. Now is the time to reaffirm them.

Statues of Controversial Characters: Lessons from History
Statues of Controversial Characters: Lessons from History

How should controversial leaders, after the passing of time, be remembered? With ceremonial execration, a prominent statue, or, perhaps, eventually, both? And what about the victims of history, those who were often forgotten and not publicly memorialized in bronze or stone?

Still the American Century
Still the American Century

America remains the world leader. This fact is naïve to reject and realistic to accept. It is the American Century still.

Americans Should Want Andrew Jackson’s Statue in Lafayette Square
Americans Should Want Andrew Jackson’s Statue in Lafayette Square

The first statue ever erected in Washington that is still in place is the suddenly much-contested one of President Andrew Jackson.