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ProvCast Ep. 50: Hong Kong’s Democracy Faces its “Worst-Case Scenario” (Olivia Enos)
ProvCast Ep. 50: Hong Kong’s Democracy Faces its “Worst-Case Scenario”

This week the Chinese Communist Party approved a decision to “establish and enhance the legal framework and enforcement mechanisms for…

New Battle Lines over Freedom in Hong Kong
New Battle Lines over Freedom in Hong Kong

The United States must make it abundantly clear that the Chinese Communist Party can no longer enjoy the benefits of American policy without fulfilling its obligations.

Sign the Law, Stand with Hong Kong

It is tempting for presidents, who are the final arbiters of exercising state power in foreign affairs, to view the material realm as destiny. But ideas and principles have power too, often above and beyond the visible.

Ep. 46: On the Scene in Hong Kong

Managing Editor Drew Griffin interviews Travis Wussow (VP of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission) from the front lines of…

China Silences Individuals’ Special Genius as America Nods

America believes “in the dignity of each man, woman, and child. Our entire system is founded on an appreciation of the special genius of each individual.”

The NBA and the Long Arm of China

The NBA’s groveling reaction to Daryl Morey’s high crime of tweeting “Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong” sent shockwaves…

Hong Kong Protests
Hong Kong: Where the Contradictions Lead…

China needs to solve the Hong Kong problem, and time is running out before the October 1 National Day celebration,…

ProvCast Ep. 41: Hong Kong in Crisis — A Conversation with Olivia Enos

Managing editor Drew Griffin sits down with Olivia Enos of the Heritage Foundation to discuss the ongoing crisis in Hong Kong, human rights, and the plight of Christians and Communist China.

Hong Kong, America & Liberty

For many in America, including Christians, America is seen as a repressive force in history and in the world. So…