Ep. 47: The Resurgence of Nationalism

Assistant Editor Grayson Logue interviews Rich Lowry, Editor in Chief of National Review and author of “The Case for Nationalism.”…

The First Thing that Must Change for Iraq to Move Forward
The First Thing that Must Change for Iraq to Move Forward

The United States and the international community could make a difference in the future of Iraq by informing the incoming government that there will be no investment or access to capital markets until these militias, and Iranian influence, have been eliminated.

An Iraq for All Iraqis? - Iraq Protest 2019
An Iraq for All Iraqis?

Religious minorities hope the Iraqi protest movement can reshape the country to serve the interests of all Iraqis

The Little-known History of Israel and the Kurds

In the fallout of President Trump decision to essentially abandon our Kurdish allies in Syria, one seemingly unlikely country offered…

Assyrian Mind - Northern Iraq
The Assyrian Mind

On the streets of Bakhdida—a Christian village in Iraq’s Nineveh Plains region that is rebuilding after the Islamic State (ISIS)…

George H. W. Bush, Global Leader & Episcopalian (1924-2018)

President George H. W. Bush was the last of nine presidents directly involved in WWII. He also may be the…

Between Two Caesars: The Christian Militias of Northern Iraq
Between Two Caesars: The Christians of Northern Iraq

After becoming direct victims of ISIS violence in 2014, no significant Christian groups in northern Iraq chose neutrality, and most fought in Christian militias rather than integrating into larger Iraqi or Kurdish forces.

SEAL Marc Lee Punishers
Punishers Down: The Fall of Marc Lee & Ryan Job

A review of Kevin Lacz’s The Last Punisher

The Englishwoman Who Created Iraq?

Letters from Baghdad is an intriguing new documentary film about Gertrude Bell, the English adventurer and evidently self taught cartographer…