Justice in Historical Context Six Day War Israel
Justice in Historical Context

Love of justice presumes a love of truth, for justice without truth is a contradiction in terms. And love, to the extent it matters in the procurement of justice, is only effective when purified by truth.

Protesting AIPAC Pernicious Influence Philip Giraldi American Conservative
Protesting AIPAC’s “Pernicious Influence”

American Conservative has published a denouncement of the world’s largest pro-Israel lobby, penned by ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi and titled “Should AIPAC Register as a Foreign Agent?”

6 Day War Kotel
Jerusalem United (Forever?): The Hopeful, Unsure, Legacy of the Six Day War

50 years ago, Israel reunited Jerusalem and laid the groundwork for the possibility of peace

What You Should Know About Jerusalem
What You Should Know About Jerusalem

This week is the fiftieth anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem and control of the area by the State of Israel. Here is what you should know about one of history’s most important cities.

The New Christian Zionism book review Gerald R. McDermott Out With the Old & In With the New
Out with the Old and in with the New: Review of The New Christian Zionism

This review of The New Christian Zionism, edited by Gerald R. McDermott, first appeared in the Fall 2016 issue of…

2017 Year of Anniversaries Martin Luther Reformation Balfour Declaration Six Day War Israel
2017: A Year of Anniversaries

In 2017, there are three anniversaries that are of particular interest to me as a Christian and as a Christian who supports Israel.

The U.S. “Abstention” on U.N. Resolution 2334 Condemning Israeli Settlements: Who Won?
The U.S. “Abstention” on U.N. Resolution 2334 Condemning Israeli Settlements: Who Won?

Because the U.N. does not have the power of the sword, the U.S. abstention in the recent U.N. vote has not weakened Israel at all; it has weakened the U.N.

Betrayal & Shame: The US Abstention From Allegiance With Israel

Further reflection on UN Resolution 2334

The US-Israel Fallout at the United Nations

9 things you need to know