Churchill’s Painting for Adenauer

Churchill’s painting of Athens conveyed his hopes to Chancellor Adenauer that democracy could arise from the ruins of defeated and war-ravaged Germany.

Viceroy's House & the Great Game
Viceroy’s House & the Great Game

Fans of Downton Abby will appreciate that Hugh Bonneville (i.e., Lord Grantham) portrays another aristocrat, Lord Mountbatten, in the new film…

Falklands War
Presidential Phone Chats & Reagan’s Falklands Error

Aggression was decisively and instructively defeated before a watching world during the Falklands War. But there’s a warning embedded in the success story.

UK General Election Guide and What the Result Could Mean Theresa May Jeremy Corbyn Brexit
UK General Election Guide and What the Result Could Mean

Tomorrow is the UK general election. The outcome will determine who will lead Britain through Brexit negotiations, whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn.

fighting terrorism theresa may
The Key to Fighting Terrorism: Come Together and Take Apart

Prime Minister Theresa May insists, “United we will take on and defeat our enemies.”

American Permanence?

Walter Russell Mead on Friday eve wonderfully spoke about the influence of eschatology on American foreign policy to our Providence/Davenant…

London terror
On Living in An Age of Terror

Old Help for Current Troubles

Churchill Bust Oval Office
Churchill’s White House Bust & Spirit of Liberty

A bust of Winston Churchill, on loan from the British government, has returned to the Oval Office after having been controversially returned to the British.

Our Kind of Traitor
Traitors, Bombs & Christendom

The new international thriller film Our Kind of Traitor, based on a 2010 novel by master spy raconteur John LeCarré, is surprisingly inspiring.