Why Russia Didn’t Collapse Like Venezuela… For Now - Book Review of Chris Miller’s Putinomics: Power and Money in Resurgent Russia
Why Russia Didn’t Collapse Like Venezuela… For Now: Review of Miller’s Putinomics

Putin’s Russia still has numerous challenges today from corruption to slow economic growth, but Chris Miller argues in Putinomics that the federation should be compared to fellow petrostate Venezuela since both were similar in the late 1990s.

Easter & Christian Realism

Reinhold Niebuhr, an inspiration for this journal, was a Christian Realist who renounced Social Gospel utopianism in favor of firmly…

Tyranny & Russian Orthodoxy

In the West, the church has often defined itself by defying the state. In the East, particularly Russia, the church…

Orlando Letelier
Dumb Dictatorships and the Assassinations of Orlando Letelier and Jamal Khashoggi

Yesterday was a glorious DC autumn afternoon for walking down Embassy Row on Massachusetts Avenue, which includes many statues of…

Abdicating or Adjudicating America’s Grand Strategy Under Trump

During Trump’s presidency, America’s role as the world leader has been questioned by allies, adversaries, and the president himself.

US Should Work with Russia in Syria to Avoid Iran-Israel War

Russia and Iran are coordinating to prop up Assad in Syria but this could bring Iran one step closer to war with Israel.

The World Cup: So Much More Than Soccer

Before the World Cup even began, soccer had become political and Russia was at the center of it.

Religion in Russian Geopolitical Strategy
Religion in Russian Geopolitical Strategy

As daunting as it may be, closing the God gap is a necessary step to improving communication with Russia and other important actors in international affairs.

The Blood-dimmed Tide is Loosed: The Bolshevik Revolution a Century On

100 years ago the Bolshevik Revolution convulsed Russia and changed the world. It was a moral, economic, and cultural horror. It was also a warning.