We Have an Expectation Problem in Afghanistan
We Have an Expectation Problem in Afghanistan

In the wake of the Washington Post’s big document dump of secret government and military communications about the war in Afghanistan, a fresh wave of calls for pulling out of Afghanistan is sounding across the media.

Staying the Course in America’s Longest War - Afghanistan
Staying the Course in America’s Longest War

Talks between the Trump administration and the Taliban have broken down. We should be happy they did not reach a deal, in part because an Iraq-style drawdown would leave a vacuum, and terrorists abhor a vacuum.

Here We Go Again and Again - War on Terror - 9/11
Afghanistan and The Taliban: Here We Go Again and Again

They came from Egypt and Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Some were trained in bomb-making, some in…

Afghan Buddhas & America’s July 4 Character

In time for Independence Day, on July 3 The Washington Post reported on the ongoing restoration of hundreds of ancient…

The Price of Cheap Order: Afghanistan, America and Endless War

In fact, this finger-in-the-dam strategy is the best available option given America’s de facto preference to enjoy relative freedom from jihadist violence without the expense of solving the root problems from which jihadism springs. This style of frontier warfare is the price America pays for regional order on the cheap.

Jim Mattis
New Rules of Engagement Help the Battle

Two changes to how we fight will allow US and coalition forces to fight both justly and to win

Still Connected: President Trump’s Strategy for Afghanistan Warrants (Cautious) Hope

The President’s recent speech suggests he is willing to listen to wise counsel

Always Faithful: Marine Special Operations in Bala Murghab

A review of Michael Golembesky’s Dagger 22