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Killing Dag Hammarskjöld AND Spreading AIDS?

Cold Case: Hammarskjold is a new documentary suggesting the United Nations general secretary killed in a 1961 plane crash was actually…

Mike Wallace, American
Aladdin and the Future of Middle Eastern Christians
Aladdin and the Future of Middle Eastern Christians

May Aladdin remind international society, and especially Christians, about their responsibility in the fight for a more plural and diverse Middle East.

Mrs. Miniver & Christian Social Solidarity

As a young boy in early 1970s I first saw the 1942 Oscar winning WWII morale boosting film Mrs. Miniver…

weekly standard
The Importance of Reading: Obituary Reflections Concerning The Weekly Standard

Among much else, the demise of The Weekly Standard reminds us of the importance of a democratic citizenry armed with the willingness and capacity to engage with great works of history, fiction, art, and philosophy.

they shall not grow old WW1 Peter Jackson
One Film to Rule Them All: Middle Earth Returns to WW1

Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old harnesses all the power of Middle Earth to celebrate the men who fought the Great War

National Depravity & Divine Judgment

The Captain is a German WWII film about the spiral of personal and national depravity. Specifically, it’s about war criminal…

Black Panther’s Flawed and Outmoded Monarchy
Black Panther’s Flawed and Outmoded Monarchy

For all Black Panther’s futurism, its formal kingship is rather archaic in modern Africa.

Entebbe & Hedy Lamarr

“Seven Days at Entebbe” spiritually fails because it doesn’t fully acknowledge the necessity and justice of Entebbe, instead seeking moral equivalence amid banalities about peacemaking. “Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story” is more inspirational.