Summer 2017

This issue includes…

Sex, Lies, & Spies
by Darrell Cole

Repartee: Love, War, & Honey Traps
by Lela Gilbert

Serving God or Caesar: Alvin York & the Morality of War
by Douglas Mastriano

and more…

Empires of Feeling and Fantasy

The Palestinian national movement is an illusory empire. Constructed on poetry and prejudice and generations of fantasy, it too must come crashing down so that it can be rebuilt, this time on a more solid basis.

Helping Religious Minorities Persecuted by Daesh
Helping Religious Minorities Persecuted by Daesh

This article about how the West and Christians should help religious minorities persecuted by the Islamic State (ISIS, or Daesh)…

Grim Harvest Book Review Way of the Reaper: My Greatest Untold Missions and the Art of Being a Sniper Nicholas Irving Gary Brozek
Grim Harvest: Review of Irving and Brozek’s Way of the Reaper

On the surface, Nicholas Irving’s Way of the Reaper seems to be a typical shoot-‘em-up memoir designed for men vicariously seeking adventure. But by the end of the book, Irving has turned reflective.

Defending Western Civilization
Defending Western Civilization

Even if Christians will not acknowledge the West as their own, the West is inextricably woven into the church’s eternal story, with glorious chapters yet unwritten. Christian leaders, ecclesial and intellectual, should step forward into their responsibility for leadership and stewardship of the West. Contrary to despairing conventional wisdom, it’s not too late.