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A Just War-Cold War Response to Nuclear Blackmail
A Just War-Cold War Response to Nuclear Blackmail

Either we deter Russian aggression, which means that we convince Putin that we will not tolerate his first-strike nuclear threats and be intimidated, or we passively acquiesce to nuclear blackmail and Russian butchery of a nation that was promised its integrity and sovereignty five years after the Cold War ended.

Good, Evil, and the Just War: Ukraine Needs More Aid
Good, Evil, and the Just War: Ukraine Needs More Aid

The war in Ukraine, with its indiscriminate slaughter and mass murder of thousands, forces us to admit the reality of evil.

A Blueprint for Defending the Free World through an Alliance of Democracies

In the Free World’s multifaceted response to Putin’s war, a blueprint for a global alliance of democracies is emerging.

A Cuban Missile Crisis Lesson for the Russia-Ukraine War

John F. Kennedy never flinched, but he showed his mettle during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was his finest hour. Will this one be ours?

The West’s Response to Genocide - Russia - Ukraine - Putin
The West’s Response to Genocide

Mass moral atrocities and genocidal tendencies have not lessened with the supposed end of the Cold War. If anything, they have increased.

Recognizing Warning Signs on the Path to Genocide - Rohingya - Burma
Recognizing Warning Signs on the Path to Genocide

Violations of religious freedom have been a significant factor in creating the conditions that marked the “path to genocide.” Therefore, protecting religious freedom will be critical for those looking to walk with the “Rohingya on this path out of genocide.”

US Determination of Burma’s Rohingya Genocide Is Better Late Than Never
US Determination of Burma’s Rohingya Genocide Is Better Late Than Never

The genocide determination issued by the Biden administration has been a long time coming, but it’s never too late to do the right thing. The determination should now act as a catalyst for global momentum to hold the perpetrators accountable.

Public Opinion Will Disappoint Isolationists - Ukraine - Russia
Public Opinion Will Disappoint Isolationists

Once again, public opinion polls have disappointed isolationists and others who want the United States to have a minimalist foreign policy. Almost overnight, a large swath of America now wants to counter Russia, and elected officials who want to keep their jobs have responded.

Reaffirming the Four Freedoms - Ukraine Russia Franklin D Roosevelt
Reaffirming the Four Freedoms

President Roosevelt first enunciated the Four Freedoms in an evening session with his speechwriters. He made them the peroration of his message to Congress and wove them into the Atlantic Charter and the United Nations Charter. They have constituted the basis of American foreign policy ever since. Now is the time to reaffirm them.

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