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What is Christian Realism? - Daniel Strand - Christianity and National Security Conference 2019
What is Christian Realism, beyond Reinhold Niebuhr?

Daniel Strand, a professor of ethics and expert in political theory, spoke about Christian Realism at Providence’s Christianity and National…

Defending Apartheid & Hating America?

There’s an odd column in American Greatness, on the 30th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s prison release, lamenting the fall of apartheid in South Africa, which it portrays as a calamity negotiated by “conniving Communists in the ANC and their knavish collaborator, F. W. de Klerk.”

Christian Realism: An Introduction
Christian Realism: An Introduction

The realism in Christian Realism lies in the tension between the redemption and hope that the Gospel brings for a world ensnared in sin and cynicism, and the reality that sin and its effects are still pervasive and will continue to cripple and limit the possibilities for justice this side of paradise.

On Killing Human Monsters - Auschwitz-Birkenau - Holocaust
On Killing Human Monsters

How should Christians respond to the killing of someone so monstrous that their death seems to be a net gain for the world, a victory for the goods of justice, order, and peace?

Seeking Justice in the Middle East Grand Strategy
Seeking Justice in the Middle East

Assassinating Iranian Major General Qaseem Soleimani was a justified act. But it took place within the context of a largely unjust and strategically indefensible grand strategy, so it is unlikely to be a net positive in the long run.

Alliances for Democracy

This week I attended in Washington, DC, the annual gathering of the International Democratic Union, a coalition of over 70…

Lighten Up, Francis

Over the weekend, Pope Francis became the first leader of the Catholic Church since John Paul II in 1981 to…

The Role of Morality in International Politics

What is the role of moral values in the conduct of foreign relations? Although many answers have been given, three…

Hope from Vietnamese-American Admiral

Huan Nguyen recently became America’s first Vietnamese American admiral.  His parents and five siblings were killed by the Viet Cong…

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