Christian Realism

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Civil Liberties in Wartime

Christians have a sacred duty to help ensure that achieving victory in wars abroad does not come at the cost of losing peace at home

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Relation of the Christian Faith to Democracy

A Christian realist approach to thinking about faith and political structure

Lincoln's Leadership in War
Abe Lincoln: Just Warrior

At the advent of the US entry into WWII, the character of Abraham Lincoln’s wartime presidency had much to commend to a nation newly entered into conflict. It has much to commend to us now, as well.

Reinhold Niebuhr’s Community of Common Responsibility

75 years ago Reinhold Niebuhr rejoiced that America had finally resolved to do her duty

Lead Us Not into Temptation

Guest Editorial: “It is excellent / To have a giant’s strength, but tyrannous, / To use it like a giant”

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