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The Foolishness of Relief - Foreign Aid
The Foolishness of Foreign Aid

What could be more foolish than to blow up half of Europe and the Far East and then give billions to repair the damage? What is more inconsistent than the killing of soldiers and civilians followed by superhuman efforts to save the lives of the survivors?

People Displaced: Then and Now
Displaced Persons, from 1946–47 Germany to Today

Seventy-five years ago, Cynthia Nash wrote about displaced persons in occupied Germany who could not return home after the Second World War.

Have We Any Spiritual Capital for Export?
Have We Any Hope for Export?

Have we any hope and faith for export? In this time of apprehension and pessimism, here as well as over there, have we any hope and faith to spare?

Firmness or Conciliation for Russia: Reinhold Niebuhr in 1947
Firmness or Conciliation for Russia: Reinhold Niebuhr in 1947

We are told that a policy of firmness must inevitably lead to war, while conciliation could guarantee peace. In the Nazi days this was called appeasement.

Evangelism First
Evangelism First

No amount of general exhortations about the fallacies of secular philosophies, or about the actual or potential contribution of the Church to the life of the world can be of much use in the long run unless men and women come into the Church, not primarily because the Church is good for the world, but primarily because its faith is for them the deepest truth about life, about their own lives, because in its worship they find their God.

Looking Back at UNESCO’s Original Mission to Promote Peace
Looking Back at UNESCO’s Original Mission to Promote Peace

“Prevention of war lies primarily in cultivation of the bases of peace.” This sentence taken from the report of the preparatory commission of UNESCO.

Harry Fain, coal loader for the Inland Steel Company in Wheelwright, Floyd County, Kentucky, on September 23, 1946. By Russell Lee for US Department of the Interior, Solid Fuels Administration for War, via Wikimedia Commons.
Church Leadership during Economic Crisis

Strikes by meat packers and mine workers in 1946 prompted Henry P. Van Dusen and Liston Pope to consider the ethics of strikes and how the church should respond.

Serenity in Global Affairs
Sober Serenity in Global Affairs

It would be hard to hold this belief and to live up to it, but it may be that only through some such holy act of imagination can we, in all humility, hope to possess the sober serenity called for in these days.

A Christian Approach to International Issues in 1946
A Christian Approach to International Issues in 1946

After a tumultuous start to the post-World War II era and before the Cold War fully commenced, the board of supervisors of Christianity and Crisis issued a joint statement in December 1946 that tried to explain a Christian approach to international issues.

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