Kazakhstan’s Troubles Are Putin’s Newest Playground
Kazakhstan’s Troubles Are Putin’s Newest Playground

Russia’s play for influence in Central Asia is a wake-up call to the free world.

Khamenei’s Empire Building Resulted in the Somalization of Iran - Water Shortages - Climate Change
Khamenei’s Empire Building Resulted in the Somalization of Iran

In recent days, the Iranian regime brutally cracked down on protests in Esfahan province against growing water shortages. Some observers argue that the origins of the water crisis in Iran are climate change and a drastic drop in precipitation. However, the reasons for the crisis go deeper.

Brazil In The World Under Jair Bolsonaro (Igor Sabino)
Foreign Policy ProvCast: Ep. 71 | Brazil in the World under Jair Bolsonaro

In this episode, Igor Sabino talks about the political situation in Brazil, that country’s role in global affairs, what Brazil may do in a US-China rivalry, an what to expect from next year’s election.

Lebanon: Meet the ‘New’, Same as the Old - Najib Mikati
Lebanon: Meet the “New,” Same as the Old

The success of Prime Minister Najib Mikati in forming a government, where his predecessor-designate Saad Hariri had failed after trying for months to craft a political deal with Hezbollah, marks a clear tilt toward Damascus.

Responsibility One Year after the Beirut Port Blast
Responsibility One Year after the Beirut Port Blast

On August 4, 2020, the world watched in horror as videos from the Port of Beirut blast flooded the internet. For one year, we’ve also watched politicians evade responsibility for the illegal storage of ammonium nitrate. The reality that most people, especially the Lebanese, have come to accept is that justice is extremely unlikely.

Sonnet from the Portuguese: A Review of Glenn Greenwald’s Securing Democracy
A Saga of Brazilian Corruption: Review of Glenn Greenwald’s Securing Democracy

Glenn Greenwald’s “Securing Democracy: My Fight for Press Freedom and Justice in Bolsonaro’s Brazil” explores his astonishing personal and professional confrontation with the rulers of his adopted home.

One Way Out for Lebanon: Intensified Sanctions and Early Elections

A healthy majority of people in Lebanon continue to reject the sectarian, clannish, and quasi-tribal order of Lebanese politics, and the US should use Global Magnitsky sanctions against the country’s corrupt rulers.

Lebanon Given away for Nothing?
Lebanon Given away for Nothing?

The majority of Lebanese would welcome a peaceful settlement of pending border issues with Israel. But many understandably fear how the negotiations are unfolding.

Lebanon, Both Free and Hostage

Once more, Lebanon’s imposed hostage status to Iran comes to light with the latest normalizations between Israel and both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

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