Marksism | Ep. 11: On Israel-UAE Relations, Lebanon, & Christian Realism

In this episode of Providence’s weekly series Marksism, Mark Tooley, Mark Melton, and Marc LiVecche discuss the journal’s latest content,…

Further Neglect of Lebanon is Bad for Regional and Global Security
Further Neglect of Lebanon is Bad for Regional and Global Security

Washington and the West need to stop neglecting Lebanon, primarily for the sake of their own strategic and regional interests.

An Iraq for All Iraqis? - Iraq Protest 2019
An Iraq for All Iraqis?

Religious minorities hope the Iraqi protest movement can reshape the country to serve the interests of all Iraqis

Mugabe’s Funeral & God’s Hand

Robert Mugabe, the dictator who impoverished and brutalized a nation across 37 years, was buried in a Zimbabwe state funeral…

US-Brazil Relations and Concerns over Nepotism in Brasilia
US-Brazil Relations and Concerns over Nepotism in Brasilia

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s decision to nominate his son, Eduardo Bolsonaro, to become the next ambassador of Brazil to the US has triggered concerns about nepotism in the South American nation.

Trump, Mueller, and the Glorious Hassle of Justice

Against the backdrop of a watching world, the United States is in the midst of an intense period of self-inflicted…

Iraq Protests: A Hot, Thirsty, and Angry Iraq is One Glimpse into the Region’s Future
A Hot, Thirsty, and Angry Iraq is One Glimpse into the Region’s Future

Earlier this month, large parts of southern Iraq rose in tumult and turmoil as hot, thirsty, and angry citizens complained about unemployment, lack of services, corruption, lack of water, and lack of electricity in a country with the world’s fifth largest proven oil reserves.

Kleptocracy and America - Foreign Policy Podcast - Ted Moorman
ProvCast Ep. 12: Kleptocracy and America

What is “kleptocracy,” and what role does the United States play in it? Is the US a kleptocracy? How do anonymous shell companies contribute? In this episode that we recorded late last summer, Ted Moorman answers these questions and more.

An Introduction to Kleptocracy (Extended) - Ted Moorman
An Introduction to Kleptocracy (Extended)

In this extended version of our regular, public Foreign Policy ProvCast, Ted Moorman speaks in more detail about kleptocracy and America’s role in perpetuating foreign corruption.

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