The “Death” of the European-American Relationship

If Brooks and others who are deeply unnerved by Trump aren’t careful, their warnings of destruction and doom can actually feed the fires of doom and gloom.

Good Riddance to a Bad Iran Deal
The Return to Reason: A Defense of Trump’s Iran Decision

The core problem with the Iran deal is not in its details, but rather in the nature of Iran.

Jim Jong-Un and Moon Jae-In
In Korea, “Tough Talk” Seems to Translate Well

Christians recognize the power of speech; after all, God brought the world into being with a Word. What we say has the ability to shape reality. Sometimes harsh language says it best.

What to Expect from the Inter-Korean Summit
What to Expect from the Inter-Korean Summit

The US and South Korea should have contingencies ready in case negotiations with North Korea don’t go as planned.

Can We Truly Reason with North Korea? Kim Jong il Nuclear Program Donald Trump Negotiate
Can We Truly Reason with North Korea?

Keeping in mind North Korea’s record of dishonesty, President Trump would do well to keep the arrows of US force close at hand, even as he extends the olive branch of peaceful negotiation.

Obama’s Internationalist Moment: Review of HBO’s The Final Year
Obama’s Internationalist Moment: Review of HBO’s The Final Year

HBO’s The Final Year traverses the globe, from Africa to the Arctic, Havana to Hanoi, but it is in Syria where the cockfight personified by Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes climaxes. Indeed, President Obama claims that “on no other issue was there such a split” between them.

Don’t Ask Nicely: Breaking Russia’s Alliance with Syria

Russia, Syria, and Iran have successfully defied US interests in the Middle East. It will take significant and aggressive measures to separate these allies.

What You Should Know About Foreign Agents
What You Should Know About Foreign Agents

Over the past several months, the media has reported a number of high profile cases of people (Paul Manafort, Gen. Michael Flynn) and organizations (RT, formerly Russia Today) failing to register as “foreign agents.” Here is what you should know about foreign agents and the American laws that regulate their activities.

How Should Christians View Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital?

Considering principles and values as well prudential considerations of the volatile region’s political realities, how ought Christians to evaluate recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital?

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