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women direct ground combat
Deploying Women to Direct Ground Combat

Sending women into direct ground combat is tearing down a load-bearing wall. This particular wall is vital to the military mission, to realism about sex differences, and to protecting life.

Do Not Be Afraid – Help is on the Way
Do Not Be Afraid – Help is on the Way

In the midst of dire circumstances, civil society and church communities in Lebanon are providing necessary assistance to Syrian refugees. And the fulfillment of many refugees’ dreams rests on the generosity and sacrifice of countless individuals deciding to serve their community.

Hacksaw Ridge
Because Courage Comes in Different Kinds

A review of Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge

King Jesus and the Rule of Nations
King Jesus and the Rule of Nations

The most glaring weakness in the Declaration, by my lights, is the failure to reckon with and address the kingship of Jesus Christ.

The Caliphate & the Cosmopolis
The Caliphate & the Cosmopolis

The point is not that one nation-state attacked another. It is precisely that the Caliphate attacked one of the cities in… let’s call it the Cosmopolis, the collection of cities that are the capitals of what was once Christendom.

Innovate Perish Challenges Third Offset Strategy
Innovate or Perish: Challenges to the Third Offset Strategy

Speaking last Friday CSIS, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter warned that military excellence is not America’s “birthright”. It must be earned again and again.

A Banner for the Nations: Preserving International Order & the Nation-State System

This article about the international order and preserving the nation-state system first appeared in the Spring 2016 issue of Providence‘s print…

Exalting the Humble and Meek: Book Review of Janet Polasky Revolutions without Borders
Exalting the Humble and Meek

Janet Polasky’s Revolutions without Borders seeks to once more recapture the cosmopolitan, borderless, and dynamic character of revolutionary politics.

“The Mantle of Command: FDR at War, 1941-1942” by Nigel Hamilton

Hamilton’s version of history is appealing to American ears, especially to FDR fans.