Soft Power

General Almond's Decision at Hungnam
General Almond’s Decision at Hungnam

The South Koreans, including recently elected President Moon Jae-in, have never forgotten General Almond’s decision to rescue refugees from the Communists during the Hungnam evacuation.

The Stain of Srebrenica
The Stain of Srebrenica

A Dutch appeals court has upheld a 2014 decision that found the Netherlands responsible for the deaths of 350 unarmed Bosnian-Muslim men who were murdered by Bosnian-Serb troops in Srebrenica in 1995.

Trump’s Plan to Cut Foreign Aid Will Hurt America’s Interests
Trump’s Plan to Cut Foreign Aid Will Hurt America’s Interests

For America, a foreign policy defined purely by self-interest and without foreign aid has the effect of undermining America’s interests.

Good Friday self-sacrifice
On Golgotha: Self-Donation & American Power

Good Friday has something to say about individual and national service

A Return to Fortress America?
A Return to Fortress America?

As history reminds us, the security payoffs of a “Fortress America” approach are ephemeral and fleeting. Both the national interest and international security suffer when America turns inward.

Renewing a Convincing American Global Engagement
Renewing a Convincing American Global Engagement

Much has been made of Obama’s foreign policy mistakes, but one criticism not often made, at least not fully, is that the Obama Administration was caught flat-footed by the changing information environment revolutionized by the rise of social media.

President Obama Should Stay Focused Human Rights Laos
President Obama Should Stay Focused on Human Rights in Laos

Obama should address human rights challenges in his private meetings with Laotian government officials. More specifically, Obama should reiterate U.S. government calls for an investigation into the enforced disappearance of decorated Laotian rural community leader, Sombath Somphone.

Winter is Coming Book Review Garry Kasparov
Better Bundle Up

Kasparov argues in Winter is Coming that Putin and his kleptocratic government poses serious risks for the world’s democracies as the oligarchs maintain their wealth and power by any means necessary.

Sunni Tribes
Countering Islamic Violent Extremism in the Fertile Crescent: The Sunni Tribes are the Center of Gravity

This article about how U.S. foreign policy could build relations with Sunni tribes first appeared in Issue 2 (Winter 2016)…

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