Trump Administration

Trump vs. the United States - US Capitol Riot
Trump vs. the United States

The lines have indeed been drawn, and I welcome you to join me in choosing the side of the Constitution, the rule of law, and the ideals of American democracy.

Reject the Mob, Defend the Republic
Reject the Mob, Defend the Republic

What a heart-wrenching day for our nation. The live videos of the hordes of Americans flooding the US Capitol were literally nauseating.

A Tragedy of Shared Fault - US Capitol
A Tragedy of Shared Fault

What happened yesterday at the US Capitol Building was a national tragedy. But it was not an entirely novel event; rather, it was part of tragically destructive trajectory.

Trashing Democracy

It’s been a sad day for American democracy. Our republic will survive but it has been uniquely wounded by the nation’s elected chief magistrate, as none of his predecessors across 230 years would have ever considered.

Biden Should Follow Trump’s Example on Combating Human Trafficking
Biden Should Follow Trump’s Example on Combating Human Trafficking

Unbeknownst to most observers of politics, Donald Trump did not just carry on this bipartisan tradition, but he also made the fight against modern slavery one of his administration’s signature issues.

Marksism, No. 27: Trump's Successes, Respect vs. Toleration, and Christmas
Marksism – No. 28: Trump’s Successes, Respect vs. Toleration, and Christmas

In this week’s episode, the editors discuss Alan Dowd’s article about what Trump’s foreign policy got right, a debate at Cambridge University over whether students and professors should respect or tolerate speech they dislike, and an interview with Tower of Skulls author Richard Frank.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due: A Retrospective of the Trump Administration
Giving Credit Where It’s Due: A Retrospective of the Trump Administration

For those of us who care about the affairs of state, giving credit where it’s due is just as important as calling out mistakes and missteps.

Joe Biden Peacemaker Israel Palestine
Joe Biden, Peacemaker?

Joe Biden is eager to roll back Trump-era policies, but he’d be wise to continue championing the Arab-Israeli peace movement that swept the region in 2020. If he plays his cards right, he could add new Arab states to the list and maybe even get Palestinians to the party as well.

Josh Mitchell on Election 2020 and US Spirituality

In this conversation with Mark Tooley, Josh Mitchell of Georgetown University offers his reflections on the 2020 presidential election, among…

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