On Lesbian Statecraft: A Critique of The Favourite

Modern dramas like The Favourite darkly portray statecraft as merely cynical self-serving manipulation. But governments, nations, and public officials are not outside God’s grace. They are, despite the rebellious spirits of this world, ultimately instruments of His providence. Queen Anne and the Marlboroughs likely knew their role in this celestial drama.

they shall not grow old WW1 Peter Jackson
One Film to Rule Them All: Middle Earth Returns to WW1

Peter Jackson’s They Shall Not Grow Old harnesses all the power of Middle Earth to celebrate the men who fought the Great War

An American Army Chaplain leads worship from a Renault tank during the Meuse Argonne Campaign in October 1918
Fear Not the Darkness: WWI and the Centennial of America’s Greatest Battle

The First World War was a clash that forever changed the world. The heroes of 1918 answered the call 100 years ago. Will we likewise do our part in fighting the good fight and fear not the darkness? 

World War 1 remembrance day
Remembrance & the War That Ended Nothing

A century ago, the Great War ended. Remembrance Day is an opportunity to recall those who fought, the fallen, and the costs and sometimes necessity of war.

Reckoning with Reality: Does 9/11 still matter?

We have memorials to Pearl Harbor and Auschwitz, Oklahoma City and Shanksville, PA, not merely because we want to remember those we lost, but because we do not want to forget the lessons we learned about ourselves in those moments. Each tragedy speaks to the depth of our collective depravity and the glory of God’s image in every victim and hero.

Hiroshima atomic attack Christian ethics Zahnd
Moral Horror: Christian Ethics & Hiroshima

The attack on Hiroshima was a moral horror but not a moral wrong. As such, it reveals important committments that ought to guide Christian moral reasoning.

Should Christians Support Deploying Diplomats Instead of Troops?
Should Christians Support Deploying Diplomats Instead of Troops?

American Christians should advocate for exhaustive attempts at diplomacy before endorsing US policies that produce further conflict and chaos.

Whose Fault is the Yemeni Crisis Anyway?

Though the Yemen conflict is in many ways a proxy war between Iran and the Saudi coalition, it is much more complicated, and not all the blame should be placed on the coalition for worsening the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Lessons from the Past: The Thirty Years’ War, 400 Years Later
Lessons from the Past: The Thirty Years’ War, 400 Years Later

Four hundred years ago, the Second Defenestration of Prague occurred when a Protestant mob threw the Austrian emperor’s representatives out of a castle window. The Bohemians then started the Thirty Years’ War, which changed the course of world history and led to today’s nation-state world order.