marines peacemakers
Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Peacemakers are not peacekeepers

American Revolution July 4th Just War
Was the American Revolutionary War Just?

America has been a force for extraordinary good in the world. Is it possible her origins are more morally complex than generally imagined?

Lessons from the Kaiser?

Christopher Plummer began his cinematic career in The Sound of Music as an imperious anti-Nazi Austrian captain who goes into…

A Church Faces Its World
A Church Faces Its World

This article about the viewpoints of Christians & the Church in response to World War II was originally published in Christianity & Crisis on June 15, 1942.

Molly Pitcher American Revolution
Girl Fight: Molly Pitcher at the American Revolution

At the Battle of Monmouth, she took over for a fallen soldier and worked a cannon against the enemy. She attracted the attention of George Washington–and a nation forever grateful.

Travels to Queregosh: Christians Return to the Nineveh Plains after Islamic State Leaves

Islamic State drove them out of their villages and abused them for their faith in Jesus, but some Christians are returning to places like Queregosh and replacing the crosses ISIS destroyed.

Germany at Our Throat or Feet Germany Role in World
Germany at Our Throat or Feet?

There are several famous sardonic quotes about Germany’s role in the world. One is Churchill’s 1943 remark after Germany surrendered in North Africa: “The Hun is always either at your throat or your feet.”

6 Day War Kotel
Jerusalem United (Forever?): The Hopeful, Unsure, Legacy of the Six Day War

50 years ago, Israel reunited Jerusalem and laid the groundwork for the possibility of peace

New Churchill Movie Is Flop

No historical movie is historically accurate, as movies are always mainly about entertainment not instruction. Some biopics depart from truthful…