Kashmir and American Leadership

President Trump’s inconsistency on Kashmir undermines America’s ability to moderate the escalating conflict between India and Pakistan…

George H.W. Bush: Reflections, Prayers, and a Bipartisan Friendship
George H.W. Bush: Prayers, Reflections, and a Bipartisan Friendship

In Providence’s latest newsletter, Mark Melton reflects on George H.W. Bush, his bipartisan friendship with Bill Clinton, and lessons for a highly partisan America today.

Marc LiVecche Providence National Security Conference
On Our National Security Conference & An Upcoming Event

By all accounts, the Providence Christianity and National Security conference was a great success. Providence will also be hosting another exciting event.

Michael Cromartie Speech at Providence Launch Event
Mike’s Mandate: Augustinian Sensibility

From the Newsletter: Michael Cromartie’s vision for Providence continues

Still Connected: President Trump’s Strategy for Afghanistan Warrants (Cautious) Hope

The President’s recent speech suggests he is willing to listen to wise counsel

Toward a Christian View of Nationalism

Patriotism, nationalism, and jingoism are individually important terms that do discreet, if sometimes overlapping work. I’m just not entirely sure how.

Weekly Newsletter: Lack of Resolve As National Security Crisis

The greatest threat we face is our unwillingness to face them