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After Action Report: Providence leads debate on American foreign policy

What is America’s role in the world? How can Christian intelligence help shape our views of US foreign policy and the American use of force?

Michael Cromartie Speech at Providence Launch Event
Michael Cromartie’s Speech at Providence Launch Event

In memory of Michael Cromartie, who passed away yesterday, here is his speech at Providence’s launch event in November 2015.

Human Rights and International Religious Liberty in the Trump Administration

On April 19 at the National Press Club in downtown DC, Providence hosted a panel discussion that discussed American priorities for international human rights and religious liberty.

Hudson Institute Providence Event Syria Crisis American Interests Moral Considerations
The Syrian Crisis: American Interests and Moral Considerations

Today the Hudson Institute and Providence co-hosted a panel discussion focused on the ongoing crisis in Syria and how America’s interests and moral considerations interact.

Providence Event A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy
Unveiling a Christian Foreign Policy Declaration

On September 27, Providence hosted an event at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC where some of the signatories of “A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy” presented their vision for what a Christian foreign policy and strategy would look like for the US.

On Responsibility & Limits: A Christian Conversation About American Power

“A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy” aims to equip American Christians with principles rooted in our faith about our country’s moral responsibilities in the world at this unique time in history

A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy
A Christian Declaration on American Foreign Policy

We believe it is our responsibility to speak out at this time in order to provide a much-needed corrective to the current foreign policy debate.

Radical Islam
Countering Radical Islam

During a Providence event, Tawfik Hamid, author of Inside Jihad, spoke about his experiences with radical Islam and the lessons he learned.

Islam Historical Context
Islam in its Historical Context

Marek Jan Chodakiewicz from the Institute of World Politics in DC gave an introductory lecture on how Islam developed and how those developments affect geopolitics today.