Iran deal
The New U.S. Iran Strategy

The fundamental problem with the old strategy is that it didn’t address fundamental problems: this one does

A Moral Bridgehead into Iran’s Destabilizing Extraterritorial Actions (IDEAs)
A Moral Bridgehead against Iran’s Destabilizing Extraterritorial Actions (IDEAs)

Iran’s destabilizing actions across the Middle East require powers like the United States to maintain moral bridgeheads against it.

What You Should Know About the Iran Deal
What You Should Know About the Iran Deal

On Monday the Trump administration warned Iran it will likely face punishment for violating “the spirit” of the Iran Deal.

Will Cuba Become “Little Iran”? Watch the Cuba-Iran Alliance
Will Cuba Become “Little Iran”? Watch the Cuba-Iran Alliance

In the same way the Soviet Union used Cuba, Iran may be turning the island into a “Little Iran.”

Iran Hostages Redux

The revelation of a $400 million cash delivery to Iran early this year that coincided with the release of U.S….

Iran's Deadly Ambition
An Ideology for Global Power

Berman’s Iran’s Deadly Ambition reveals that the Iranian threat has never emanated from Iran’s nuclear program, but rather from the Iranian regime itself.

Rhodes to Ruin: Obama’s Foreign Policy Hatchet Man

Last week’s startling confession by White House operative Ben Rhodes—that the Obama administration lied to the American people about its dealings with Iran to secure a nuclear agreement—not only confirms the perception of a mendacious and arrogant presidency. It exposes a feverish and even delusional frame of mind: an uncompromising revulsion for war that has undermined American security and invited a cascade of extremism, violence, and human suffering.

America, Ike & Islam

Can you imagine an American president today greeted by hundreds of thousands with acclaim and American flags as he rides…

Iran & “God’s Deed”

The several USA citizens of Iranian background recently released after imprisonment on contrived charges in Iran coincidentally, or not, arrived…