Cold War

Trump Should Remember How the Baltic Way Helped Topple Soviet Occupation
Trump Should Remember How the Baltic Way Helped Topple Soviet Occupation

While Crimea may not be returned to Ukraine for decades, Putin’s Kremlin will not last forever. Since the future global political landscape is unpredictable, America has the responsibility as the leader of the free world to provide clear and consistent messaging on issues of freedom and the rule of law. President Trump should know that in the long run Crimean annexation non-recognition will pay off, just as 50 unwavering years of the United States’ Baltic annexation non-recognition policy eventually paid off.

The Apollo Program and a New View of Creation

In the midst of the Vietnam War and the struggle for civil rights and a decade scarred by assassinations, Apollo 11 reminded the world—and the American people—that America, while imperfect, is a great and good nation that can do great and good things.

Cold War Lessons for Today
Cold War Lessons for Today

As we look out at the world today, Americans need to recount the lessons of the Cold War that Gaddis helpfully brings to our attention.

Bernie Sanders’ Cold War

The United States and much of the Free World resisted the Soviet Union and its proxies across five decades. Providentially,…

America’s Fabulous Achievements And Omar’s Embarrassing Performance

Many Omar supporters have joined in denouncing Abrams as an accomplice to “death squads and genocidal massacres” in Central America during the 1980s. These critics seem oddly uninterested in challenging the Venezuelan socialist dictatorship that is literally strangling a once prospering and free nation.

Betting on the Wrong Horse

Confessed Soviet spy Morton Sobell died in December, age 101. He was the last surviving major participant in the atomic…

Martin Luther King, America & the World
Martin Luther King as Icon of USA Democracy

(Mark Tooley shared these October 11, 2018, remarks at a conference at George Washington University on Martin Luther King Jr.’s…

George H. W. Bush, Global Leader & Episcopalian (1924-2018)

President George H. W. Bush was the last of nine presidents directly involved in WWII. He also may be the…

Part 1: Protestant Roots of US Foreign Policy Divisions Michael Doran Mark Tooley FDR Teddy
Part 1: Protestant Roots of US Foreign Policy Divisions

The foreign policies of Teddy Roosevelt and his distant cousin Franklin D. Roosevelt represent an intersection between two different Protestant worldviews.