Syrian Civil War

The Syrian Revolution Turns 10
The Syrian Revolution Turns 10

Ten years on, the rulers in Damascus sleep easily once again. Without incurring any great punishment from the outside world for their ghastly crimes, the crisis has left Assad and his henchmen emboldened.

Trump and Baghdadi: Moral Rhetoric in an Immoral Age
Trump and Baghdadi: Moral Rhetoric in an Immoral Age

Why wasn’t the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi “happier,” even as many Americans are grateful his evil has been restrained?

Rehabilitation and Education for Former Militants is the New Battle in Syria
Rehabilitation and Education for Former Militants is the New Battle in Syria

Though Syria still struggles with violence and fighting, the Islamic State’s territorial holdings have been almost completely eradicated. But while ISIS may no longer have physical control in the country, it has left young militants and a dangerous, extremist ideology.

The Crisis in Syria, US Policy and Future Prospects
The Crisis in Syria, US Policy, and Future Prospects

Recently, Robert Nicholson sat down with Ambassador Frederic C. Hof to discuss the tragedy of Syria and American foreign policy in regards to the ongoing crisis.

On Syria and the Virtues of Limited Engagement

The problem is that Americans can’t see the world for what it is, and American policymakers aren’t explaining it to them. Very few, it seems, understand the concept of limited intervention. 

The Coming Humanitarian Disaster in Idlib Syria
The Coming Humanitarian Disaster in Syria

Some in the US government have suggested that we should make a grand bargain with Russia over Syria that would let Assad stay as Moscow curbed Iran’s power in the country. But such a deal would lead to the mass exile or massacre of civilians stuck in the international community’s failed de-escalation zone of Idlib and cement Iran’s control over Syria.

US Should Work with Russia in Syria to Avoid Iran-Israel War

Russia and Iran are coordinating to prop up Assad in Syria but this could bring Iran one step closer to war with Israel.

Four Steps to Smother the Chaos in Syria
Four Steps to Smother the Chaos in Syria

Syria—with five million refugees, 500,000 dead, the Pandora’s box of chemical warfare reopened, a cesspool of terror groups, and Russians and Americans, Israelis and Iranians shooting at each other—is the very definition of chaos.

Israel-Lebanon War Will Only Help Hezbollah
Israel-Lebanon War Would Only Help Hezbollah

If war occurs between Israel and Lebanon, the embattled Christians of Lebanon will suffer in what would be yet another front of Iran’s quest for regional control.

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