Vichy France
Marine Le Pen, France & the Holocaust

Leading French National Front presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has sparked controversy by claiming France bears no responsibility for French police collaboration in the 1942 Vél d’Hiv arrest of 13,000 Jews, who were shipped to their demise at Auschwitz.

Ruff Duty: Remembering Our Four-Legged Vets

75 Years Ago the U.S. Canine was formed. Today honors them.

FDR's Russia Policy Stalin Franklin D Roosevelt Donald Trump Russia Alliance
Bitter Harvest: Lessons from FDR’s Russia Policy

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s policy towards Russia depended on a willful disregard for the Moscow regime’s most brutal acts. The problem for the president—and for the American public—was that he seemed to believe the utterly false portrait of Stalin he helped to create.

First to Fight for Right Lewis Chesty Puller First Marine Division Just War
First to Fight for Right: “Chesty” Puller & America’s Defenders Today

The First Marine Division’s paragon of virtue, Chesty Puller, upheld the standards of just warfighting and respect, if not love, of the enemy. We pray his progeny leading the defense of our nation today will do the same.

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Civil Liberties in Wartime

Christians have a sacred duty to help ensure that achieving victory in wars abroad does not come at the cost of losing peace at home

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Relation of the Christian Faith to Democracy

A Christian realist approach to thinking about faith and political structure

Executive Orders, Nativism, and National Security Franklin D Roosevelt FDR Japanese Internment
Executive Orders, Nativism, and National Security

Seventy-five years ago, on February 19, 1942, FDR issued Executive Order 9066, which authorized the internment of tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans.

Lincoln's Leadership in War
Abe Lincoln: Just Warrior

At the advent of the US entry into WWII, the character of Abraham Lincoln’s wartime presidency had much to commend to a nation newly entered into conflict. It has much to commend to us now, as well.

Hacksaw Ridge Review Redux: The Director’s Cut

Nominated this week for six Oscars, Mel Gibson’s Desmond Doss biopic is an extraordinary testimony to extraordinary valor

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