Im-ProvCast Ep. 1: Lessons from the Vietnam War

& Marc LiVecche | April 17, 2018

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Im-ProvCast Episode 1: Lessons from the Vietnam War (Bing West)

Marc LiVecche hosts our first Im-ProvCast, an offshoot of Providence’s regular Foreign Policy ProvCast where our managing editor interviews distinguished guests. This episode was recorded before a conference about the anniversary of the Tet Offensive at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC. Bing West speaks about his writing, the civil-military divide in America, the Tet Offensive, and the Burns-Novick The Vietnam War series on PBS.

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Bing West is a former assistant secretary of defense and combat Marine. He has written several books about the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Marc LiVecche is the managing editor of Providence.

Photo Credit: Marine scans Hue streets for enemy snipers with an M-60 ready for heavy firepower in the university area on February 3, 1968. Official USMC photo by Warrant Officer W. A. Parks.