ProvCast Episode 7: North Korea’s Human Rights Crisis

& Mark Melton | February 10, 2017

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ProvCast Episode 7: North Korea Human Rights Crisis Olivia Enos Podcast

In this episode we will speak with Olivia Enos from the Heritage Foundation about different North Korea human rights issues—including North Koreans being trafficked through China, religious persecution, and other violations. We’ll also talk about the implications of North and South Korea reuniting, and what the United States can do to prepare for this possibility.

Previously, Enos has written in Providence about Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and how Lebanese Christians have helped them there.

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Again, I’d like to give special thanks to Joseph Rossell for producing this episode.

Olivia Enos, research associate in the Asian Studies Center at The Heritage Foundation, specializes in human rights and transnational criminal issues. These include human trafficking and human smuggling, drug trafficking, religious freedom, and other social and humanitarian challenges facing Asia.

Mark Melton is the Deputy Editor for Providence. He earned his Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of St. Andrews and focuses on Europe.

Photo Credit: During the Arirang show in Pyongyang, North Korea. Photo by Roman Harak, via Flickr.