Africa in 2020

Each African state faces its unique prospects and challenges heading into the new decade. Nevertheless, there are common themes and transnational trends we may expect to shape the continent in the new year and beyond.

A Flagging Commitment to Foreign Aid
A Flagging Commitment to Foreign Aid

The downward trend in foreign aid spending by the US government is not a function of the American people losing interest in foreign aid. After all, it has never been popular. More likely, it’s a function of presidents no longer defending foreign aid, explaining it, or connecting it to the national interest.

Evangelicals Global Christian Zionism Israel
Evangelicals and Global Christian Zionism

Important to Israel’s improved global standing is the ongoing global growth of pro-Israel Evangelicals, numbering in the hundreds of millions, whose influence could affect foreign policy in dozens of nations in the Global South.

Addressing Africa’s Ills Requires More than Military Force
Addressing Africa’s Ills Requires More than Military Force

To fight the twin plagues of instability and terrorism, America needs Africa to be healthier, freer, and more stable, and that means Africa needs more than just military equipment and military training from America.

Hatred and Morale
Hatred and Morale

War and hatred should never be conflated, but it is easy for the two to become one when fighting immoral adversaries, such as the Islamic State or the Axis Powers. In this article, originally published on December 14, 1942, Christianity and Crisis editor Henry Smith Leiper refers to the latter.

The End of the Beginning: Patience for Democracy's Leaders
The End of the Beginning: Patience for Democracy’s Leaders

This article, originally published in Christianity and Crisis on November 30th, 1942, urges citizens of democracy to have patience with their leaders. Editor Reinhold…

Angola Angolan Falwell Bush Savimbi
Angolan Dinner with George H.W. Bush & Jerry Falwell

Angola’s elections last week signaled the departure of Africa’s second longest serving leader, reminding me of an exhilarating 1986 dinner I attended.

Africa Hope Afropaternalism
Is There Hope for Africa?

Pessimism, paternalism, and pity are inappropriate responses to the present predicament of the people of Africa.

Green Nukes for Africa
Green Nukes for Africa

These things hang together: clean government, clean energy, sustainable prosperity, the modest goods of a good life.