Chaos Theory: Trouble with Trump’s Foreign Policy
Chaos Theory: Trouble with Trump’s Foreign Policy

Trump appeared to revel in chaos on the campaign trail, but chaos theory does not hold when it comes to foreign policy. Consider some of the consequences—and these are the shortest of short-term consequences—of Trump’s early foreign policy decisions and pronouncements.

Goodbye NAFTA? Canada Donald Trump Justin Trudeau Free Trade
Goodbye NAFTA?

Given that America is (by far) Canada’s top trading partner, the prospective renegotiation of NAFTA is now by necessity Canada’s top foreign affairs priority.

Donald Trump Pig Blood
Pig Blood and Glowing Sand

More than a third of self-identified evangelicals support Donald Trump, who touts a false story about an American general executing Muslim terrorists with bullets dipped in pig blood. These numbers suggest that American evangelicalism has a serious discipleship problem when it comes to the ethics of war and peace, and the name of that problem is not pacifism.