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Marines on Guam, July 21, 1944, displaying American Nationalism
American Nationalism

This article about the religious roots of American Nationalism was originally published in Christianity and Crisis on June 29, 1942. Tracing the spirit guiding American Nationalism from the Mayflower to the Founders, editor Howard C. Robbins argues the importance of a nationalism that acknowledges the profoundly Christian nature of the American Founding.

Religious Intolerance Alive in British Politics DUP Conservative Party Tim Farron
Religious Intolerance Alive in British Politics

After the UK general election this month, reactions to a Tory minority government with DUP support and Tim Farron’s privately-held Christian beliefs reveal religious intolerance in British politics.

Germany at Our Throat or Feet Germany Role in World
Germany at Our Throat or Feet?

There are several famous sardonic quotes about Germany’s role in the world. One is Churchill’s 1943 remark after Germany surrendered in North Africa: “The Hun is always either at your throat or your feet.”

The Donald and El Papa Must Save Venezuela
The Donald and El Papa Must Save Venezuela

Christians and all people of goodwill the world over should pray and hope that in the half hour they met with one another, President Trump and Pope Francis discussed how to go about saving Venezuela from its continued descent into desperation and lawlessness.

Pope Francis & Egyptian Christian Nationalism

As Pope Francis entered a stadium in Cairo, Egypt on Saturday to conduct a mass, thousands of Egyptian Catholics waved…