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Lest We Be Reminded Again: Six Things to Never Forget about 9/11

Seventeen years ago, terrorists weaponized passenger planes and launched an unjustified attack against the United States. That day reminded Christians of things we must never forget.

Lessons In Christian Realism from the Life of John McCain
Lessons In Christian Realism from the Life of John McCain

As a journal of Christianity and American foreign policy, we wish to acknowledge the distinct contribution made by Sen. McCain to the advancement of Christian virtues in the field of American foreign affairs and American Foreign Policy. 

The Third Camp - Reinhold Niebuhr Theology and American Foreign Policy
The Third Camp: Reinhold Niebuhr’s Theology and American Foreign Policy

From the ashes of both Bryan’s ignoble isolationism and Wilson’s utopian universalism rose the school of Christian realism advocated by Reinhold Niebuhr.

The Clash of Giants?: Review of Destined for War By Graham Allison
The Clash of Giants? Review of Allison’s Destined for War

China is ready to challenge American global leadership and the liberal international order itself. In Destined for War: Can America and China Escape Thucydides’s Trap?, Graham Allison argues that a war between the two great powers is a scarily real possibility that needs our attention.

Was Jesus a Pacifist?
Was Jesus a Pacifist?

Against the seemingly gentle assertions of pacifism, those who truly want to love in our world must understand there remains a need of coercion to maintain a minimum of justice and to preserve those innocents whom the unjust would ravage.

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Day 2: The Providence Christianity & National Security Conference 2017

Video links to the presentations from the 2nd day of the Providence conference reflecting on the intersection of Christian intelligence and foreign policy

Michael Cromartie Speech at Providence Launch Event
Michael Cromartie’s Speech at Providence Launch Event

In memory of Michael Cromartie, who passed away yesterday, here is his speech at Providence’s launch event in November 2015.

The Irony of American Foreign Policy
The Irony of American Foreign Policy

Every president faces a devil’s choice between stability and security on the one hand and our founding values on the other.

Lourdes Church ruins during World War II
The Church and the War

This provocative article written by Donald H. Stewart in the heat of World War II calls on the American Church to guide America toward a responsible patriotism which jettisons hatred and self-righteous aggrandizement while remembering “judgment belongeth unto God.”